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Public Relations

Harness the power of the media.

Public Relations

public relations For businesses of all sizes, public relations represents one of the most powerful, versatile and cost effective promotional tools available. Larger organisations have made excellent use of PR for many years but, increasingly, smaller businesses are recognising its potential; public relations can engage with prospective customers far more effectively and persuasively than advertising or direct mail, and at a fraction of the cost.

Public relations holds so much potential because, even in these fast-changing times, Britain's publishing, broadcasting and social media industries remain amongst the most well developed in the world. The local and national press, lifestyle magazines, trade journals, e-zines, blogs and a broad spectrum of radio and television programmes create a huge demand for news of every kind. Turning this to your advantage - gaining valuable publicity, often completely free of charge - is the role of public relations and it's largely a question of understanding how to work with the media in a way that delivers mutual benefit.

PR Services

If you're a well established company looking for new ideas or additional capacity to develop a public relations campaign, then I'd welcome the opportunity to talk to you and discuss your plans. I can offer occasional support when you need extra resources, or I can work under longer term retainer agreements if you prefer to outsource your PR operations.

Some of my PR clients have included well known utility companies, blue chip manufacturers, public sector bodies and international trade organisations, in addition to a diverse range of smaller businesses and charities. I have delivered public relations services in many different industries including food, construction, healthcare, manufacturing and engineering, as well as business support, tourism and environmentally sustainable technologies.

PR Workshops

If you haven't previously considered public relations, let me show you how you can use it to cut your marketing costs, boost customer awareness and generate new leads. Often, a short PR workshop giving you a grounding in the basic rules of media liaison will be all you need to launch your own successful media campaign and to sustain it without further help from me or any outside agency. Develop your own in-house PR skills and you'll start to recognise a wealth of new promotional opportunities.

To find out more about my PR services, my rates and my public relations workshops, which I run throughout Lancashire and the North West, please contact me here.

Marketing Strategy
Blogs & Social
  • A good marketing strategy considers a wealth of important factors. Amongst others, they include customer demand and changing marketing preferences; pricing and profitability; the efficiency of different routes to market and the key messages you need to convey. Careful thought here can make an appreciable difference to your balance sheet.

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  • The written word has always helped shape the relationships between businesses and their customers. Sales literature, websites, newsletters and blogs are just some of the many marketing platforms that depend on making a strong first impression. However, with new communications channels opening up all the time, good copywriting has never been more important.

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  • No one would doubt the growing importance of online communications. However not all businesses can afford to dedicate valuable staff time to managing social media campaigns or keeping websites populated with fresh, unique content. Outsourcing these tasks to an experienced content writer can help you improve your search engine rankings and boost customer engagement.

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  • Coaching, advertising, customer relationship management, direct marketing, event management and more... I've been delivering marketing services in various sectors since 1988 and, with access to an extensive network of designers, photographers, video companies, SEO agencies and more, there's an excellent chance that I can help you with whatever marketing challenges you face.

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PR Support

In addition to conventional media relations work - liaising with journalists and providing the necessary content - I can assist with social media, photography, event management and a range of other PR-related services. Moreover, through a long-established professional network, I can help you find reliable providers of audio-visual services, exhibition materials, video filming and much more.